Handblown Glass Dildos


and function intertwine, creating the finest, highest quality glass dildos in the world. Glass may seem to be an odd material for a sex toy, but it becomes a favorite for all who try it!  These are all one of a kind, hand blown by Teri Bechat in Philadelphia.  The second set, with more clear glass, is made by another artisan, Val Mattelli, from Italy.  Go to Other Glass Dildos for our less expensive,(but still high quality,) glass toys.

What’s the story with Glass Toys? 


Made exclusively for Toys of Eros, these pyrex, unbreakable dildos are even more stunning in person. We have 3 lines of glass dildos, but this is our most spectacular and are only available as one of a kind.  We are showing all of them together here, but soon we hope to picture them individually with a ruler.

The smallest one is 6″ for $255 and is the largest one is the clear with an orange swirl top and is 14″ long for $250. The blueish one with a handle is over 12″ for $399. Most of the others are $299.

Because these are one of a kind, you should describe the dildo you want in the comment section at checkout.  “Example, I want the 5th one to the left with red stripes.” We will call or email you if there is any doubt about what you are ordering.   We will also try to keep the pictures current.


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