P-Spot Annihilator


$129.00 $95.00

Voted best men’s toy in Provincetown, 2016!  It does things no vibe has ever done!


Provincetown’s bestselling men’s vibrator for a reason!  Shaped to hit the prostate, the tip of this vibe has a unique motor that doesn’t just vibrate; it actually moves up and down, sliding against your prostate!

It’s on the slimmer side, for beginners, but in this case, it really is all about the motion.  While the tip is sliding back and forth against your prostate, you can choose whether you want the shaft to  vibrate. And, this vibe gives you 3  different settings for the tip, and 10 for  the shaft.

Forget old school vibrators. This one’s rechargeable & waterproof!

Hassle free 3 year guarantee!


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