The Harvey


A  versatile slim silicone vibrator.  The base makes it safe anal play and those who like it small. The base is also the perfect size  for use in a harness. And the curve screams G-Spot or prostate play.


This vibrating dildo stands out because of it’s size and shape. The top part of this dildo ‘s shaft is smaller than a finger it’s great for those who like to keep it small.  It has a curved finger shape, which definitely hits the Prostate and the G-spot.

The classic base makes it perfect for beginning anal sex.  Also, this one of the few really thin dildos that you can use in a harness.  Of course it’s made of  medical grade silicone, and carries just the right amount of flexibility for fun sex.

It comes with a small 3 speed bullet and 3 coin batteries.  If you want to upgrade your toy, try the Luul and get 15% off .The Luul will up the vibration 300% and provide you with a rechargeable bullet you can use in lots of toys, or as a stand alone vibrator.


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