Uberlube…Provincetown’s favorite lube

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Uberlube… Provincetown Favorite Lube

If you want to consult an expert on lube, talk to a gay man.  Here at Toys of Eros, we give away 100’s of samples of Uberlube a day.  And it seems like everyone comes back the next day to buy it.  The men of Provincetown have declared it their favorite lube of all time. And that’s enough for us.

In Short: The slipperiness is perfect and lasts forever. It doesn’t stain sheets or clothing, it has no taste, no smell, and is completley hypoallergenic. You can even drink it, it’s so safe.


ToysofErosUberlube…Provincetown’s favorite lube

The Best Lubes For Gay Men

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We’ve got different needs than heterosexuals when it comes to lube.

The cheapest and the most familiar lube is water based lube. It’s cheap, smooth, slick, and easy to apply. It is compatible with all types of condoms, making it ideal for safe anal sex. It’s also really easy to clean up, just a bit of warm water and everything will be good as new, regardless of how much you want to use. YU can buy it with different consistencies, from super thick to thin, and have a million variations, warming, flavored, etc.

The cons: Water based lube dries out, and gets sticky and gunky, so you have to slop it on thick, and you have to keep reapplying it.


ToysofErosThe Best Lubes For Gay Men

The Pros of A Cock Ring

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Keep Your Package Pumped

When the weather heats up, the clothes come off. When you are hanging with a crowd of friends or soon-to-be-friends, it is important to put your best dick forward! It is no secret that men check each others’ packages out and compare with others or themselves – constantly. Like it or not, we do make value judgements based on the size and shape of a man’s cock. That being said . . . MEN . . . it is vital that you remain at the head of the pack!


ToysofErosThe Pros of A Cock Ring

Winter in Provincetown

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We love the winter. This is when Toys of Eros shines.  We can really talk to you, and advise you with your shopping.  Usually your alone in the store, and can ask all those embarrassing questions you don’t want to ask in front of 50 strangers.  You can touch and turn on everything in the store, and we have time to explain everything. And everything  in our store, (and most other stores,) are always on sale in the winter.

In the winter, you experience Provincetown as a local.  It transforms into the  fishing village and artist colony of 70 years ago.


ToysofErosWinter in Provincetown

Ball Stretchers – What’s the Story?

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To Stretch or Not To Stretch – That is the Question

A ball stretcher is a male sex toy that is used to stretch and elongate the scrotum. These devices are meant to wrap around the base of the scrotum and may come with attached cock rings. Ball stretchers may be made from materials like leather, metal or silicone, and they vary in size and by how far they stretch the scrotum. Some ball stretchers also act as weights, and some have rings to which weight may be attached.


SexAdminBall Stretchers – What’s the Story?