The Best Lubes For Gay Men

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We’ve got different needs than heterosexuals when it comes to lube.

The cheapest and the most familiar lube is water based lube. It’s cheap, smooth, slick, and easy to apply. It is compatible with all types of condoms, making it ideal for safe anal sex. It’s also really easy to clean up, just a bit of warm water and everything will be good as new, regardless of how much you want to use. YU can buy it with different consistencies, from super thick to thin, and have a million variations, warming, flavored, etc.

The cons: Water based lube dries out, and gets sticky and gunky, so you have to slop it on thick, and you have to keep reapplying it.

Hint: The reason water based lube dries out, is because the water part evaporates with use, and also gets absorbed by skin and mucous membranes. A hint to keep it slippery is to add water to it. I always keep a glass of water by my bed to rehydrate the lube and get it slippery again. But you still need tons, and it’s sloppy, so it’s not my favorite. However, I have a bottom that likes super thick lube, so these are my top picks for water based lubes for gay men.  My favorite water based lube is Pjur backdoor.


Silicone lube is the best choice for anal sex, period. it stays slippery forever, and doesn’t evaporate or get absorbed by your skin. This all means you won’t have to worry about having to reapply it. They’re also water resistant, so you can fuck or jerk off in the shower and still stay slippery. They are condom safe
You don’t need anywhere near the amount you’d need with a water based lube. Even a drop can be enough for a quickie. Because of that, silicone lube is great if you play in bars, etc.… The smaller sizes can fit in your sock., and last for way longer than you can.
Silicone lube feels quite different to water based lube, and it’s an awesome and surprising sensation the first time you use it. Silicone lube has a thinner consistency and is much more slippery.
The cons: Most brands stain, and most brands can’t be used with silicone dildos and vibrators, because it breaks down the surface of the toys, and ruins them.
The good news? There is one brand that doesn’t stain, is safe to use with silicone toys, and has no taste or smell. Boys all over the world are now using this German made lube, called Uberlube. It’s expensive, but it lasts forever and is well worth the price! The lowest price we found is at which is also my favorite brick and mortar store, in the gay mecca of Provincetown. Best silicone lube is UBERLUBE. Handsome bedside bottle and they also make a great small container for going out on the town. I have one on my bedside, and one in my sock. Get a free sample of Uberlube from

Fisting lube is oil based lube, and back in the day, we all used Crisco. Oil based lube is really made for is fisting; big, heavy penetration.
They really excel at fisting, they last for ages, and they don’t get tacky.
Some OG’s still use Crisco, but the newer lubes work better. the coconut butter in Boy Butter, others are synthetic.
Because these anal lubes are made from oil they are generally heat sensitive, so they become thinner and go further the more you use them. You can buy the desensitizing type to really stretch out your bottom’s ass. It also comes in a warming lube, which feels even hotter.
Cons: They break down latex rubber & they can break down cheap rubber dildos that aren’t silicone. It’s not an everyday lube, but for heavy ass play, and fisting, it’s the only way to go. (Unless you need a condom.) Our favorite oil based lubes: Elbow Grease & Boy Butter Original.

Desensitizing fisting lubes are controversial.  Some guys say it’s not safe to not feel what’s going on down there. Others like it, so they can go past their pain threshold.  Also, remember that it won’t just numb your bottom’s ass, it will also numb the top’s dick!  That’s fun for prolonging orgasms, but alot of guys don’t like that, and they don’t think about that when they pack it in their bottoms ass. I’m not judging one way or the other. Boy Butter has the most desensitizing lube,  because it uses benzocaine. Pjur backdoor is a good compromise because it uses a natural jojoba to make it easier, without totally numbing everything.


ToysofErosThe Best Lubes For Gay Men


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